I have some naked thoughts that rove about
And loudly knock to have their passage out;

John Milton

Hello! My name is Karson Elmgren.

I am currently a masters student in Security Studies at Georgetown University. I want to help make sure that things don’t go off the rails as humanity’s technological prowess continues to grow. If we succeed, the world we could create will be beautiful.

Here is where I let my restless, partially clothed thoughts go out for some fresh air. In the interests of public decency, I will try to make sure they at least wear a loincloth.

Other limbs of my digital persona can be found:
– on Twitter
– on LinkedIn
– on Goodreads
– on Instagram
and elsewhere.

If you think we would get along or want to chat about anything I’ve written here, feel free to reach out! You can send an email to < me @ this url >.

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